We Buy Dealer Stocks and Closeouts


Why Sell to Us?

We are a full-time licensed business in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have been buying deals for over 25 years, so we have perfected the art of buying. When we buy from you, you can rest assured that we will do everything we say, and that the transaction will be fast, simple, and secure.

If you are looking for a new full-time job selling to the public, then sell your inventory yourself on the internet, but if you want a quick simple and safe transaction to a professional buyer, then sell to us --- and let us hassle with selling to the public.

More Reasons To Sell To Us...

sell coins WE DO NOT INVADE YOUR MARKET! If you require a restricted territory agreement, we can work with you on that.

sell coins REASONABLE NEGOTIATIONS We will work with you on reaching a win-win transaction!

sell coins ESTABLISHED BUYERS We have been buying inventories and dealer stocks for over 25 years!

sell coins VERIFIED BUYER We are members of the Better Business Bureau and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce!

sell flatware FAST PAYMENT! We pay fast upon delivery with guaranteed good funds!

When We Buy From You...

We can make payment to you via any of the following payment methods:
Company Check

Company or Certified Check

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer

Business References

sell silver Before selling to us, we invite you to verify our business and banking references:

Better Business Bureau, Member Services, 423-266-0396 (member # 40061041)

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, 423-756-2121

Regions Bank, Business Banking, 423-321-6638 (main office)

(please note that our company name is 2nd Markets Corp., this site is owned by 2nd Markets Corp - www.2ndMarkets.com)

What Do We Buy?

We buy all kinds of large deals, including:
sell gold krugerrand  Old Store Stocks
sell gold krugerrand  Coin Collections
sell gold krugerrand  Dealer Stocks
sell gold krugerrand  Obsolete Inventories
sell gold krugerrand  Sterling Silverware Collections
sell gold krugerrand  Distressed Merchandise
sell gold krugerrand  Warehouse Returns
sell gold krugerrand  Obsolete Merchandise
sell gold krugerrand  Business Inventories
sell gold krugerrand  Electronics Closeouts
sell gold krugerrand  Toy Closeouts
sell gold krugerrand  Gadget Closeouts
sell gold krugerrand  Bankruptcy Liquidations
sell gold krugerrand  Business Inventories
sell gold krugerrand  Smalls
sell gold krugerrand  Estates
sell gold krugerrand  Sports Brands
sell gold krugerrand  Distressed Sales
sell gold krugerrand  Warehouse Closeouts
sell gold krugerrand  New Product Launches
sell gold krugerrand  Test Market Items
sell gold krugerrand  Product Closeouts
sell gold krugerrand  Unusual Gadget Launches
sell gold krugerrand  Anything Unusual

Things we DON'T buy!

We do not buy:
sell gold krugerrand  Stolen Merchandise
sell gold krugerrand  Damaged Goods
sell gold krugerrand  Fakes/Counterfeit Goods (don't even try)
sell gold krugerrand  Large Items (we are a pack and ship operation)