Is My Old Fountain Pen Valuable?

By Jon Warren. Last updated:

Wondering if your old fountain pens are valuable? The fountain pens of certain manufacturers command higher prices than the pens of others. Principally, this is the result of higher quality production of the elite companies versus the low value ones. Another factor affecting value is scarcity, of course. The supply of some rare pens by elite companies is so low that prices reflect the demand for them.

RULE #1: MONT BLANC is currently KING among pen collectors.

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Here are some of the pen makers, and whether they are HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW value in the pen collecting world:


Mont Blanc, Parker, Sheaffer, Wahl-Eversharp, L.E. Waterman. Others include Conklin, Dunhill, Cartier, Tiffany, Le Bouef, Moore, Mabie Todd and Swan.


Aiken-Lambert, Chilton, Diamond Metal, Diamond Point, Eclipse, Eberhard, Franklin, Gold Bond, Cross, Grieshaber, Ingersol, Liberty, National, Parkette, Security, Swallow, Salz Bros., Wahl-Oxford, Wasp, A.A. Waterman, Wirt


Arnold, Autopoint, Avon, Cavalier, Criterion, Eagle Pen Co., Esterbrook, Everlast, Eversharp, Faber, Fineline, Gem, Kreco, Majestic, Marxton, Morrison, Park Pen, Penman, Pioneer, Resevoir, Southern, Stafford, Traveler, Wallace, Waltham, Wearever, Windsor

There you have it. This list is by no means complete. But the HIGH VALUE companies listed above are certainly the main ones. We hope this article has been helpful.