Who buys Franklin Mint silver and gold collections? We do.

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It's easy to sell your Franklin Mint silver collections from the privacy of your home. If you are looking to sell your entire collection fast and without the hassle of consignment or eBay selling, you have found the right place. We are the top Franklin Mint silver buyer on the Internet. No collection is too large or too small. We buy Franklin Mint silver and gold coins as well as Franklin Mint Medal Collections, sterling silver plate, Franklin Mint gold coins and other Franklin Mint silver without the delay of consignment and hassle of eBay - and for a fair price.

NOTE - we buy PARTIAL SETS as well as COMPLETE SETS of Franklin Mint Silver.

Are Franklin Mint collections valuable?

Yes, some (but not all) are. Some of the more valuable Franklin Mint sets are minted in silver or gold. Those with little value are minted from bronze or pewter. Some of the more valuable sets are 100 Greatest Masterpieces, History of the USA, Genius of Michaelangelo, Bicentennial Ingot collection, and many more. Contact us. For large collections, we can travel to you. We are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Which Franklin Mint collections are worth money?

Every Franklin Mint collection made of silver or gold has value because of the precious metals. Few sell for MORE than the silver value. None are worth millions. But, some sets are worth thousands of dollars. Here is a list of wanted Franklin Mint collections:

Most Wanted Franklin Mint Silver

We see a strong demand for most silver collections - complete or partial. We do not buy BRONZE or PEWTER collections.

We make a market in all silver or gold Franklin Mint sets. We have created a list of wanted sets to help you learn which are worth money.

100 Greatest Americans Ingots → Contact Us

100 Greatest Masterpieces Medals → wanted

23rd Psalm Ingots → Contact Us

Air and Space Ingots → wanted

Airline Emblems Ingots → wanted

Airline Tails Emblems Ingots → Contact Us

Airplanes Ingots → wanted

America in Space Medals → Contact Us

America the Beautiful Medals → Contact Us

American Art Treasures Medals → Contact Us

American Businessmen Medals → Contact Us

American Fighting Ships Ingots → Contact Us

American Victories Medals → Contact Us

Antique Cars Medals → Contact Us

Apollo Flight Medals → wanted

Apollo Project Medals → wanted

Apostles Medals → Contact Us

Army Bicentennial Medals → wanted

Automobile Emblems Ingots → wanted

Aztec Treasures Medals → Contact Us

Bank Ingots - International Ingots → wanted

Bank Ingots - U.S. Ingots → wanted

Biblical Wildlife Treasury Ingots → wanted

Bicentennial Ingots Ingots → wanted

Bicentennial Medals - Governors edition Medals → Contact Us

Bicentennial Medals 13 States Medals → wanted

Bicentennial Medals 50 States Medals → wanted

Big Game Animals Medals → Contact Us

Bill of Rights Ingots → wanted

Books of the Bible Ingots → wanted

British Monarchy Ingots → wanted

Calendar Medals Medals → wanted

California History Medals → wanted

Canadian Explorers Medals → wanted

Centennial Car Ingots → wanted

Centennial Car Mini Ingots → Contact Us

Chai Ingots → wanted

Christmas Ingots → Contact Us

Classic Cars Ingots → wanted

Classic Cars Mini Ingots → wanted

Colonial Monetary Notes Ingots → wanted

Currier & Ives Ingots → wanted

Dow Jones Ingots → wanted

Duck Stamps Ingots → wanted

Egyptian Golden Treasures Medals → wanted

El Greco Apostles Ingots → wanted

Father's Day Ingots → wanted

First Ladies of the U.S. Medals→ wanted

Flags of America Ingots → wanted

Flags of Canada - Historic Ingots → wanted

Flags of Canada - Official Ingots → wanted

Flags of Royalty Ingots → wanted

Flags of the Revolution Ingots → Contact Us

Flags of the States Ingots → wanted

Flags of the United Nations Ingots → wanted

Gaming Tokens - International Ingots → Contact Us

Gaming Tokens - U.S. Ingots → wanted

Gem Ingots Ingots → wanted

Gemstones of the World Ingots → wanted

Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Medals → wanted

Genius of Michelangelo Medals → wanted

Genius of Rembrandt Medals → wanted

Gold Mines Ingots → wanted

Gold of El Dorado Medals → wanted

Good Luck Medals Medals → wanted

Great American Landmarks Medals → wanted

Great Performance Cars Ingots → Contact Us

Greatest Cars Ingots → wanted

Historic Silver Ingots → wanted

History of Dentistry Medals → wanted

History of Drugs Medals → wanted

History of Flight Medals → Contact Us

History of Mankind Medals → wanted

History of Medicine Medals → wanted

History of Pharmacy Medals → wanted

History of Science Medals → wanted

History of the United States Medals → wanted

Indian Chiefs Medals → wanted

Indian History Medals → wanted

Indian Tribal Nations Medals → wanted

Jews of America History Medals → wanted

John F. Kennedy Memorial Medals → wanted

Kabuki Ingots → wanted

Kings and Queens of England Medals → Contact Us

Last Supper Ingots → Contact Us

Life of Christ Medals → wanted

Locomotives Ingots → wanted

Locomotives Mini Ingots → wanted

Marine Corps History Medals → wanted

Masterpieces of Impressionism Medals → wanted

Mayan Treasures Medals → wanted

Mayor's Medals Medals → wanted

Medallic Register America in Space Medals → wanted

Medallic Yearbook Medals → wanted

Mercedes Ingots Ingots → wanted

Napoleon Bonaparte Medals → Contact Us

NASA Emblems Ingots → wanted

National Commemorative Society Medals → Contact Us

Nations of the World Medals→ wanted

Navy Bicentennial Medals → wanted

Old Testament by Monti Medals → wanted

Olympic Games History Medals → Contact Us

Olympic Moments Medals → wanted

Olympic Summer Games Medals → wanted

Olympic Winter Games Medals→ wanted

Opera's Most Beautiful Moments Medals → wanted

Presidential 5000 grain and 25000 grain Ingots → wanted

Presidents - Commemorative Medals → wanted

Presidents - Platinum Edition Medals → wanted

Pro Football Hall of Fame Medals → wanted

Racing Cars Ingots → wanted

Railroad Emblems Ingots → wanted

Raphael's Masterpieces Medals → wanted

Regimental Emblems Ingots → wanted

Renaissance Art Treasures Medals → wanted

Roberts Birds Medals → wanted

Rockwell - Boy Scouts Medals → wanted

Rockwell - Girl Scouts Medals → wanted

Rockwell - Robert Frost Medals → wanted

Rockwell Fondest Memories Ingots → Contact Us

Rockwell Mark Twain Ingots → wanted

Rodin Masterpieces Medals → wanted

Rubens Masterpieces Medals → wanted

Sailing Ships of History Ingots → wanted

Sculptors Studio I Medals→ wanted

Sculptors Studio II Medals→ wanted

Shakespeare Medals Medals → wanted

Ships - Ocean Liners Ingots → wanted

Signers of the Declaration Medals → Contact Us

Silver Bible Ingots → wanted

Space Flight 25th Anniversary Medals → wanted

Special Commemorative Issues Medals → wanted

Stamps Ingots → wanted

State Birds/Flowers Ingots → wanted

States of the Union Ingots → wanted

States of the Union Medals → wanted

States of Union Treasures Medals → wanted

Stations of the Cross Medals → wanted

Thomason Bible Medals → wanted

Treasures of the Louvre Medals → Contact Us

Twelve Caesars Medals → wanted

U.S. History Ingots → wanted

United Nations Medals → wanted

Van Gogh Medals → wanted

Vatican Art Treasures Medals → wanted

Vita Christi Medals → wanted

Western Silver Mines Ingots → wanted

Winslow Homer's America Ingots → wanted

Wonders of Mankind Medals→ Contact Us


unusual Franklin Mint pieces, gold coins, and rare 22 KT Gold plates

If it is made of sterling silver or gold, regardless of which Mint made it, we are buyers, contact us.

Franklin Mint NOT wanted

We do not buy BRONZE nor PEWTER sets. We only buy FRANKLIN MINT SILVER and GOLD items. We do not buy the cars, eggs, chess sets, porcelain plates and the other stuff they issued.

Most Wanted This Week

One of our favorite Franklin Mint sets is The 100 Greatest Masterpieces Collection of 100 medals. If you have this set, let us know!

Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Masterpieces

Question: Where to sell Franklin Mint Silver near me? Answer: 2nd Markets. Get our quote for your collection.

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Sterling Silver Franklin Mint Presidential medals are much in demand and always wanted to buy, new or used condition.

who buys Franklin Mint Silver?


We buy Franklin Mint Bankmarked Ingot sets in any quantity.

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We buy partial or complete sets of the Franklin Mint 13 State Bicentennial Ingot Collection.

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We buy the Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Americans collection, in any condition, in any quantity.

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We buy ANY Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Plate in any quantity.

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The Franklin Mint was the official Mint for many small nations, issuing both gold and silver coins of the Realm. We buy them all.