Things we buy

nickel buyer

Question: Where to sell fast for the most cash? Answer: 2nd Markets.

Sell your collection or estate in one lump sum to a trustworthy buyer with an A+ BBB rating and years of 5 star reviews. Consigning to an auction house can take years and the commission fees are extremely high nowadays (as much as 70% on low value items, and even 40% on high value items when adding in the buyer premiums). Selling one-by-one online in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are time-consuming full-time jobs if you have a large quantity of items to deal with. And again, the fees you pay to these venues are high, as high as 25% on Amazon and higher if you give the buyer free shipping (which Amazon requires you to do to get preferred placement).

So, if you want to sell fast in one transaction to a trusted buyer with over 30 years experience buying from the public, you have found the right place.

This is a PARTIAL list of things we buy.


Political memorabilia, black americana, historical memorabilia, and vintage collectibles celebrating America. Send us your lists.


sell antiques

We don't buy furniture, fine china and glassware; we focus on smalls, things 100 years old or older that are smaller than a loaf of bread. We are looking for collections, and not so much single items unless they have a value of $1,000 or more.


We specialize in animation art, cartoon art, comic strip art, comic book original art, illustration art. We do not buy fine art but can assist you with finding the appropriate venue. Contact us today.


Signatures from famous people in the categories of sports, movies, and politics. We seel items of significant value certified by PSA/DNA or JSA. If you have autographs that are not certified, we can assist you with getting them authenticated and certified. In today's market, without a PSA or JSA certificate, you can't find a buyer. WARNING: the world of autographs is FILLED with fakes and reproductions, beware and be careful out there.


Ephemera and memorabilia related to automobiles. Things like showroom catalogs, owner manuals, salesman samples, hood ornaments, and interesting pre-1980 smalls. Especially from makers like Ford, Corvette, Cadillac. Let us know what you have.


We seek pre-1980 collections of aviation-related catalogs, owner manuals, guides, and other ephemeral items. Not so much magazines.

Baseball Cards and Memorabilia

We buy pre-1980 cards, and authenticated signed items by such players as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and many other stars. We buy pre-1960 common cards in high grade. We buy bulk lots of lower grade pre-1960 cards for pennies each.


We buy pre-1970 Beatles collections in extremely high grade.

Big Little Books

We seek pre-1950 collections only.


We buy collections of fine first editions.


We buy certain antique soda and medicine bottles. Most bottles are not wanted.


We ONLY buy these brands: Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon. Kodaks and Polaroids, no matter how ancient, are not wanted. Only the brands listed are wanted.


We buy antique, classic and vintage automobiles outright. We assist sellers with the sale of modern vehicles by connecting them with reputable dealers from our database.


We buy interesting pre-1940 cabinet cards, exhibit cards, candids, stereotypes, real photo postcards, non-sports cards, and more. But nothing of recent (last 50 years) vintage please, and collections not single items unless EXTREMELY rare.

Civil War

Authentic Confederate or Union items, letters, tintypes, buttons, firearms, swords, hats, unifiroms, what have you?


We seek pre-1950 collections only. not single clocks ever.


We buy pre-1920 Coca-Cola smalls, not large signs (nothing wrong with signs, but they are too large for our shipping department).


Where to sell coins? We buy coin collections. This is probably our top category. We prefer United States coins but buy silver, gold, or platinum coins from anywhere in the world, as well as rares from the World Coin category.

Comic Art

We buy Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age original comic books pages by Ditko, Kane, Kirby, and many others. Buying outright, no consignments, no delay.

Comic Books

We buy golden age, silver age and bronze age keys, as well as collections of Golden Age and Silver Age superhero titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men.


We love antique hammered copper, not a big market, but just love the things.

Currency (AKA old paper money)

We buy collections of old paper money and sometimes a rare single note. We prefer United States pre-1929 currency in larger collections of 100 notes or more, but let us know of anything you have (1957 silver certificates are not wanted).

Danbury Mint Silver

We buy any Danbury mint silver coins, medals, ingots and plates, especially the 200 medal set, History of America.

Entertainment Memorabilia

Vintage Television, film and Hollywood icon memorabilia.

Estate Collections

If you have an entire houseful of hoarded antiques and collectibles, we are your buyer. Will travel for significant finds.


Precious only, no semi-precious wanted. Large diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires.

Gum and Tobacco Card Collections

Sports and Non-Sports

Hamilton Mint Silver

We buy any Hamilton Mint silver ingots, medals, and more. If it is made of silver, we will buy it.

Hummel Figurines

We buy collections of figurines, but not plates.

Knife Collections

We are strong buyers of both folding and fixed-blade knife collections including Case, Ka-Bar, Spyderco, Benchmade, good American or German, NO CHINESE.

Lincoln Mint Silver

We buy any Lincoln Mint silver medals, coins and ingots, as well as sterling silver plates.


Rare and collectible magazines, first issues, and mint magazines are always wanted. No Playboys except Vol. 1 # 1, no porn.

Pens (Fine and Luxury) and related Writing Ephemera

From Cartier to Waterman, we make a market in fine and luxury writing instruments, including fountain pens, ball-point pens, and automatic pencils. We also buy items related to writing, such as inkwells.

Photograph Collections (antique and candids only, no porn)

Tintypes, Cabinet Cards, Carte de Visite, Glass Slides

Postcards (Antique only)

We buy early real photo postcards only, pre-1930.

Records and Music Memorabilia

Vinyl 33-1/3 albums, 45s and early 78 rpm records. In the 78 realm, pretty much only rare Delta blues on the Paramount black label. Frank Sinatra? no! Bing Crosby? NO!!!


Coins, jewelry, flatware, what have you?

Silver Dollars

Morgans, peace and Trade dollars in any quantity.

Silver Scrap

Coins, jewelry, flatware, what have you?

Smoking Pipes

Dunhills in mint condition in original boxes.


We buy rare United States stamps dated before 1900. We also buy early U.S. airmails and Zeppelins.

Star Trek Memorabilia

We buy 1960s and 1970s era Star Trek memorabilia. We do not buy modern, Chinese-made items.

Star Wars memorabilia

We buy 1970s and early 1980s authentic Star Wars action figures, movie posters and other memorabilia.

Sterling Silver Flatware and Holloware


Antique, vintage, small, not modern, large, heavy.


Antique and vintage only. Pre-1970 only.

Gaming Cards

Rare trading cards, such as Magic The Gathering Black Lotus and rare Pokemon, and others.

sell old video game collection

Vintage Video Games

We buy truckloads or even small lots of Mint condition or 'like new in cello' games for Nintendo, Gamecube, Playstation, Sega, X-Box and others. From the 1980s to current. Will buy lightly used games too.


Rolex and other fine watches with original certificates, paperwork and boxes preferred.

sell zippo lighter collection

Zippo Lighters

We continue to see strong demand for Zippo lighter collections and are buyers of larger collections in top condition at a reasonable price. If you have a collection for sale, please let us know.