How old is my Buck knife?

Wondering how old your Buck knife is? This article helps you establish when a Buck knife was made. If you have questions about Buck knives or have a collection to sell, please contact us.

Who buys Buck knife collections? We do.

We have been a top dealer in Buck knife collections for many, many years. For large collections, we can travel to you. We are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Buck Knife Year Chart

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Which Buck knives are worthless?

Damaged. Most Buck knives have some value, UNLESS they are damaged. A knife in rough, rusty, pitted condition with damaged handles won't be worth much, no matter how old it is. So, even if it is poor, it can have some value but perhaps not as much as you might think.

What is a valuable Buck knife?

The current record for a Buck knife is more than $4,000.00 for an early rare type in mint condition.