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Wondering where to sell your Disney Pin collections? It is easy to sell your Disney Pin collection or Disney estates from the privacy of home without the delay of consignment or hassle of eBay - and for a fair price. If you are wondering where to sell your entire Disney Pin collection in one simple transaction, you have found the right place! We are A+ members of the Better Business Bureau and have been buying collections from the public for over thirty years. We are one of the top Disney Pin buyers in America. No collection is too large. We buy rare early Disney Pin sets as well as more recent Disney Pins, Limited Editions, Walt Disney Imagineering, Nightmare Before Christmas, Lilo & Stitch, Lion King and other Disney Pin sets. Click the CONTACT US button below to get started.

In 1999, Disney collector pins were released in large volume. The Millennium celebration began in mid-1999 at Disney parks around the world. Disney collector pins were just a way for Disney visitors to celebrate. Collecting Disney pins began in the parks, but continued when the visitors went home. It grew from there, and now collecting Disney pins is a huge hobby. Multiple Disney pin collections were released during that first year. Many collections were found only in the parks. with collections being specific to individual theme parks. The pin sets were created in limited numbers to create demand. One aspect of Disney collector pins is the trading of pins with cast members and other Disney visitors. Etiquette demands that you trade pin for pin and you can only ask for a trade, not insist on one.

Top 10 Most Wanted Disney Pin Sets

We make a market in Disney Pins such as Nightmare Before Christmas, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Imagineering, and others, especially in mint condition in the original packaging. In a nutshell, if your collection consists of a large selection of high quality Disney Pins, we are buyers.

NOTE: We do not buy single items or small collections. We specialize in larger collections of 100 or more.

We prefer estates or collections of:

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum pins → wanted

Character Christmas - Snow White and Dopey → wanted

Expedition PINS - Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse → wanted

Cruisin' Through Time Donald framed pin set → wanted

Aerial Portrait → wanted

The Figment Collection Framed Set → wanted

Disney Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup Mystery Pin COMPLETE SET OF 8 → wanted

Disney Stitch WDI Profile Pin → wanted

Four Seasons → wanted

Aladdin Pins → wanted

Lion King Pins → wanted

  • Baby Simba → we pay $500.00

Sleeping Beauty Pins → wanted

Magic Kingdom Pins → wanted

Jessica Rabbit Pins → wanted

Doctor's Day 2009 Pins → wanted

Disney Auctions Pins → wanted

Walt Disney Imagineering Pins → wanted

  • Heroines: Mulan → we pay $800.00

Legend of Sleepy Hollow Pins → wanted

Estate collections, Disney Pin hoards, and large finds of Disney Pins - GET OUR QUOTE! CLICK OR TAP HERE


Some pins are not selling too well at this time, such as common pins like recent Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck pins. These are VERY common. We do not buy them unless we must as part of a larger collection of better items.

In addition, we do not want damaged pins. Examples of pen damage include:
→ Worn or missing imprints
→ Deep surface scratches
→ Cracks, hairline or otherwise
→ Chips or gouges
→ Chew or bite marks
→ Cigarette burns or chemical burns
→ Dents (in metal pens)
→ Carving
→ Warping
→ Missing parts or trim
→ Bent clips
→ Sprung clips
→ Surface damage
→ Badly worn plating
→ Pitted trim
→ Mechanical damage

Which Disney Pins are worthless?

Most Disney pins are worth $1 or less. When we say we buy Disney Pin collections, we mean we buy the high-end pieces, usually with a value of $50 and up. Not all Disney Pins have value. Some are worthless, in fact. Even early Disney Pins may have little or no value if they are in poor condition.

We will be happy to help you determine if you have trash...or treasure. Just contact us. We will be happy to provide details of our SHIP FOR APPRAISAL AND OFFER program. No risk, no obligation.

Most Wanted This Week

Walt Disney Imagineering pins are hot right now. If you have any, let us know!

sell Walt Disney Imagineering pins

Question: Where to sell large Disney Pin collections for cash? Answer: 2nd Markets. Get our quote for your collection. CONTACT US

sell Sorcerer Apprentice pins

Sorcerer Apprentice Disney Pins

Sorcerer Apprentice pins are one of the most popular series at this time. We buy we buy limited edition pins from this popular series.

sell disney pin estate

Lilo & Stitch Disney Pins

Pins from this series are wanted, especially the Doctor's Day 2009 pins.

sell disney pin hoard

Walt Disney Imagineering Pins

This limited edition set of pins is high on our demand list. If you have WDI pins, we want to buy them!.

sell disney pins

Lion King Pins

The market for the rarest Lion King pins, especially the super jumbo, remains strong. We will buy.

sell disney pin collection

Alice In Wonderland Jumbo Pins

We buy any and all Jumbo pin sets with a value of $50 or up. Not sure? We will help determine fair market value.

sell Nightmare Before Christmas Pins

Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Pins

All characters from this limited edition set are wanted...we buy them all.