Who Buys KISS Memorabilia? We Do!

KISS Rock Band

We are a top vintage KISS memorabilia dealer on the Internet. We will buy rare KISS Aucoin items for top dollar. If you're wanting to sell your entire collection or estate, you have found the right place. Click the GET STARTED button below now!

What is selling?

Basically, anything from the pre-1990 era, especially the 1970s AUCOIN merchandise, is selling well and we are looking to buy. Also original records in Mint still sealed condition are rare and we are buying.

We prefer estates or collections


ANY 1970s era KISS toys


ANY 1970s era AUTOGRAPHS (authenticated)

ANY 1970s era Wireless Microphone

KISS Aucoin-era items

KISS collections, unopened toys, and rare single items

What is NOT selling

Most KISS memorabilia from after 1990 is very common. Starting in the 1990s, much of it was cheaply produced in China and is VERY common. None of that stuff sells. We do not buy it.

Other places to sell

Since we only buy the best of the best in KISS memorabilia, you may not have what we are looking for. In that case, where do you go? We recommend eBay (www.eBay.com)