Who Buys Penny Collections? We Do!

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It is easy to sell penny collections or coin estates from the privacy of your home without the delay of onsignment or hassle of eBay - and for a fair price. If you are looking to sell your entire cent collection to a trusted buyer with over 30 years experience buying from the public, you have found the right place. We are one of the top coin buyers and penny collection buyers in America. No collection is too large or small. We buy rare early large cents as well as Indian Head pennies and even common modern pennies - and for a fair price. Click the CONTACT US button below to tell us what you have.

Are old pennies valuable?

Yes, some (but not all) are. 2nd Markets has been buying penny collections such as large cents, Indian Head pennies, and rare/key date Lincoln wheat cents, error pennies and more for many years. For large collections, we can travel to you. We are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Which pennies are worth money?

Every penny is worth one cent. Some pennies can be worth a fortune. But, like a winning lottery ticket, they are very, very rare. Here is a list of valuable pennies:

We make a market in all US Mint cents. We have created a list of wanted coins to help you learn which pennies are worth money.

Large Cents

If you have any early cents dated before 1816 CONTACT US

Liberty Head Cents (1816 to 1857)

These cents are uncommon and we are buyers for any and all. CONTACT US

Flying Eagle Cents (1856 to 1858)

These early small cents are uncommon and we are buyers for any and all. CONTACT US

1856 → rare!

Indian Head Cents (1864 to 1909)

1866 Indian Head Cent → better

1867 Indian Head Cent → better

1868 Indian Head Cent → better

1869 Indian Head Cent → better

1870 Indian Head Cent → better

1871 Indian Head Cent → better

1872 Indian Head Cent → better

1873 Indian Head Cent → better

1877 Indian Head Cent → rare

1878 Indian Head Cent → better

1908-S Indian Head Cent → rare

1909-S Indian Head Cent → rare

Other dates are common in circulated condition. We buy any and all Indian Head pennies, price depending on grade.

Lincoln Wheat Cents (1909 to 1958)

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent → rare

1909-S Lincoln Cent → better

1910-S Lincoln Cent → better

1911-D Lincoln Cent → common

1911-S Lincoln Cent → better

1912-D Lincoln Cent → better

1912-S Lincoln Cent → better

1913-S Lincoln Cent → better

1914-D Lincoln Cent → rare

1914-S Lincoln Cent → better

1915-S Lincoln Cent → better

1916-D Lincoln Cent → common

1916-S Lincoln Cent → common

1917-D Lincoln Cent → common

1917 DDO error (certified only) → rare

1922 no D error (certified only) → rare

1922-D Lincoln Cent → common

1923-S Lincoln Cent → rare

1924-D Lincoln Cent → better

1925-S Lincoln Cent → common

1926-S Lincoln Cent → better

1927-D Lincoln Cent → common

1927-S Lincoln Cent → common

1928-S Lincoln Cent → common

1931-D Lincoln Cent → common

1931-S Lincoln Cent → rare

1933-D Lincoln Cent → better

1936 DDO error (certified only) → rare

1943 Bronze Lincoln Cent (certified only) → we pay up to $200,000

1944 STEEL Lincoln Cent error (certified only) → we pay up to $200,000

1944 D over S error (certified only) → rare

1946-S S over D error (certified only) → rare

1955 DDO error (certified only) → rare

1958 DDO error (certified only) → rare

Lincoln Memorial Cents (1999 to 2008)

1960 D over D Large Date over Small Date error (certified only) → rare

1970 Small Date → better

1970-S DDO error → inquire

1971-S DDO error (3 versions) (certified only) → rare

1972 DDO error (certified only) → rare

1981 Clear S → better

1983 DDO error (certified only) → better

Condition (or Grade) is Everything!

Although many cents listed above (or not listed because they are common) are worth money, condition is everything. Any cent in bright red uncirculated condition issued before 1940 is rare in high grade, especially early dates. Just because we list a coin as common in the above list does not mean it is not worth a lot of money if it is in bright red, like new condition.

Which pennies have little value?

Some pennies are not selling too well at this time such as common date, circulated wheat pennies, heavily used Lincoln Memorial pennies, pennies from the last few years, and common modern cents. These are VERY common - spend them. They do not sell. We do not buy them unless we are forced as part of a larger collection of good coins.

What is a valuable old penny?

The 1943 bronze (copper) penny like this one is among the most valuable of rare pennies. It can be worth an amazing sum, but it must be COPPER not STEEL (the common ones are steel). If you have one of these, let us know!

rare penny

Question: Where to sell old pennies for cash? Answer: 2nd Markets. Get our quote for your collection.

sell large cents

Large Cents (1794 to 1857)

We buy all large cents, including flowing hair cents, Liberty capped cents, draped bust cents, Coronet Liberty head cents, braided hair cents and more. Send us your lists.

sell flying eagle cents

Flying Eagle Cents (1856 to 1858)

Flying Eagle cents were only minted from 1856 until 1858. We buy any Flying Eagle pennies in any quantity, but we are especially wanting to buy the key date 1856, and the hard to find 1858 8 over 7 error. Can you help?

sell indian head pennies

Indian Head Pennies (1859 to 1909)

We buy any Indian Head pennies in any quantity, but we are especially wanting to buy the key 1877, 1908-S, and 1909-S dates. Contact us today.

sell Lincoln pennies

Wheat Pennies (1909 to 1958)

We see strong demand for Lincoln cents, from 1909 to date. We especially need the 1909-SVDB cent. Let us know what you have.

sell double die pennies

Error Cents

From the 1943 bronze cent which is utterly rare, to the more recent modern errors such as the 1972 double die obverse, we have a constant need for these error pennies and more.

who buys penny rolls

Original Bank-wrapped (OBW) Shotgun Rolls

We buy rolls of uncirculated or circulated pennies, especially if they are in their original bank or US Mint roll.