Who Buys Quarter Collections? We Do!

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It is easy to sell your old quarter collection or coin estate from the privacy of your home. If you are looking to sell your entire quarter collection to a trusted buyer with over 30 years experience buying from the public, you have found the right place. We are one of the top coin buyers and quarter collection buyers in America. No collection is too large or small. We buy rare early capped bust quarters as well as Barber quarters, standing Liberty quarters and even common pre-1965 Washington quarters without the delay of consignment or hassle of eBay - and for a fair price. Click the CONTACT US button below to tell us what you have.

Are old quarters valuable?

Yes, some (but not all) are. Some of the more valuable quarters are early capped bust quarters, rare date quarters, Carson City mint mark quarters and rare/key date Washington quarters and error coins. Contact us. For large collections, we can travel to you. We are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Which quarters are worth money?

Every quarter is worth 25 cents, and some can be worth a fortune. But, like a winning lottery ticket, they are very, very rare. Here is a list of valuable quarters:

We make a market in all US Mint quarters. We have created a list of wanted quarters to help you learn which are worth money.

Capped Bust Quarters

1815 to 1838 → all are wanted

Seated Liberty Quarters

1838-1891 → any are wanted

1846 → better

1852-O → better

1853 no arrows → better

1856-S → better

1858-S → better

1859-S → better

1860-S → better

1860-O → better

1861-S → better

1862-S → better

1863 → better

1863-S → better

1864 → better

1865 → better

1866 → better

1867 → better

1870-S → better

1871-CC → rare

1872-CC → rare

1873-CC → rare

1874-CC → rare

1878-CC → better

1879 → better

1880 → better

1881 → better

1885-S → rare

1886-S → better

1881 → better

1881 → better

1881 → better

all other Seated Liberty quarters, any date → common but wanted

Barber Quarters

1892-S Barber quarter → better

1893-O Barber quarter → better

1893-S Barber quarter → better

1896-O Barber quarter → better

1896-S Barber quarter → rare

1897-S Barber quarter → better

1901-O Barber quarter → better

1901-S Barber quarter → very rare

1909-O Barber quarter → better

1913-S Barber quarter → rare

1914-S Barber quarter → better

all other Barber quarters, any date → common but wanted, uncirculated grades are uncommon

Standing Liberty Quarters

1916 Standing Liberty quarter (we buy certified only due to fakes) → rare

1918-S 8 over 7 Standing Liberty quarter error → rare, we buycertified only

1919-D Standing Liberty quarter → better

1919-S Standing Liberty quarter → better

1920-D Standing Liberty quarter → better

1921 Standing Liberty quarter → better

1923-S Standing Liberty quarter → better

1924-D Standing Liberty quarter → better

1927-S Standing Liberty quarter → better

all other Standing Liberty quarters, any date → all are common, in circulated grades we buy for silver, in uncirculated grades we pay premium prices, inquire.

Washington Quarters

1932-D Washington quarter → better

1932-S Washington quarter → better

1937-S Washington quarter → better

1950-D D over S error Washington quarter → we buy certified only

1950-S S over D error Washington quarter → we buy certified only

1932 to 1964 → all are common, in circulated grades we buy for silver, in uncirculated grades we pay premium prices, inquire.

1965 to date → common, not wanted unless proof and certified byg PCGS or NGC

Where is the mint mark?

Seated Liberty quarters → the mint mark is on the reverse, below eagle.

Barber quarters → various places depending on year and mint, almost always on reverse though.

Standing Liberty quarters → the mint mark is on the obverse (front), to the left of the date.

Washington quarters → the mint mark is on the reverse, below the wreath. No mint mark means the coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint. Starting in 1968, the mint mark is on the obverse above date.

Which quarters have little value?

Some quarters are only worth face value. But all quarters dated before 1965 have silver value and are worth much more than face value. But, some non-silver quarters (1965-date) are not selling too well at this time such as common date, circulated Washington quarters dated after 1964, heavily used quarters, and quarters from the last few years, and common modern quarters. These are VERY common - spend them. They do not sell. We do not buy modern date quarters unless we are forced as part of a larger collection of good coins.

What is a valuable old quarter?

The 1901-S Barber quarter is among the most valuable of all American coins, and one of the top quarters for quarter collectors to own. It can be worth thousansd, even in bad shape, and millions in #1 certified condition. If you have one of these, let us know!

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Question: Where to sell old quarters online? Answer: 2nd Markets. Get our quote for your collection.

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Capped Bust Quarters

Capped bust quarters were issued from 1809 to 1837. We buy all capped bust quarters in any condition. Send us your lists.

sell liberty quarters

Seated Liberty Quarters

These quarters were first issued in 1838 and continued until 1891. We buy any seated Liberty quarters in any quantity, but we are especially wanting to buy any of the Carson City mint marks from this series. Can you help?

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Barber Quarters

Barber quarters were issued from 1892 to 1916. Most of these are fairly common in circulated condition, but there are rare and key dates we seek in any condition. The rare 1901-S is always wanted, of course. Contact us today.

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Standing Liberty Quarters

Standing Liberty quarters were issued from 1916 to 1930. We see strong demand for Standing Liberty quarters, all are worth more than face value. We especially need bulk coins in any condition. Let us know what you have.

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Washington Quarters

Washington Quarters were issued from 1932 to date. We especially want the tough 1932-S in top condition.

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Original Bank-wrapped (OBW) Shotgun Rolls

We buy rolls of uncirculated or circulated quarters, especially if they are in their original bank or US Mint roll.