Safe Shipping Guide

We've Made A Deal. Now What? Welcome to our Safe Shipping Guide!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please print a FEDEX label charged to our account (inquire for a link to our FedEx page)

COMMUNICATE — Keep Us Informed!

BEFORE shipping your items, communicate with us to notify of your shipment plans. You can do this by sending an email to or text message to (423) 320-1521. We need to be aware of incoming packages so that we can process your payment as quickly as possible.


Once you have accepted our offer, it is time to pack and ship. You will use our FedEx account and we will pay all shipping charges. You will print a FedEx label using our simple FEDEX app. We do not publish the link to the app, so email us if you do not yet have the FedEx page link.

Package your items, tape the FedEx label on the box, and take the box to any FedEx Kinkos or FedEx Office location (or call FedEx to arrange a pick up). Walgreens now accepts FEDEX packages too. All costs including insurance are paid by us. You track the package at the website using your tracking number from the label (the folks at FedEx will also give you a register receipt with your tracking number on it).


You can buy heavy duty shipping boxes for a very low price at U-Haul (our favorite), Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Office Depot, or Staples.


Place the entire collection in its original container into the box, and then place bubble wrap or wadded up newspaper, or those pesky peanuts around the items.
WOODEN BOXES: In some cases, your colelction may be in a wooden box or display. We may not need the wooden box (we are already overflowing with them and rarely get an order for one). In that case, you remove the medals, coins, or ingots from the wood case, then carefully wrap each one in tissue paper or sandwich baggies, then place the whole group into a One Gallon Ziplock Bag. This bag is then placed inside the box and padded with lots of bubble wrap or other material. The goal is to prevent movement inside the box once it is sealed.


Yes, you can take the whole thing to FedEx and let them do the packing for you, but it will cost you. We do not reimburse the costs of having a packing service package the contents for you.


Use lots of heavy 2 inch Scotch Strapping Tape (available at U-Haul, Walmart, Walgreen’s and many stores) and cover every open seam, top and bottom. After taping the box(es) securely, make sure there are no old labels visible on the outside of the box. If there are, cover them up. Sometimes FedEx will help you fix this by putting their own tape over the box when you're ready to mail it. If you're not sure, just bring to FedEx and they'll help you out.

Drop Off The Package At FEDEX or WALGREENS (or schedule a pick up)

Once everything is packaged properly, it's time to go to drop off the package. If you are using our FedEx account, simply drop off the package at any FedEx or Walgreens location. DO NOT PLACE IN A FEDEX DROP BOX!

If you'd like to use a different shipping provider or carrier (other than the FedEx), it is OK but shipping costs will probably be much higher. To save money, we highly recommend using FedEx. If shipping by Fed Ex or UPS, be sure to request GROUND SERVICE to save money.

NOTE: If you ship using our FedEx account (Payment Upon Delivery option) we are responsible if your items are lost or damaged during shipment and we will pay for your items even if they are lost in transit (we have a $25,000 shipper's insurance policy which covers every package we receive). If you use UPS or US Postal Service, if items are lost or damaged in transit, your insurance will cover it. This is why it is so important to securely and carefully package your items in gorilla-proof packaging.

IMPORTANT! Include Your Details Inside The Package

It is VITAL that you include your full name, address, phone number, email, and details about the deal in a letter inside the package. Too many sellers forget to include details INSIDE the package, and when the box gets thrown away, it slows down the process on our end.

Also, be sure to include an inventory list of the items you are shipping (or if you have been corresponding with us through e-mail, enclose a copy of the last e-mail sent or received).

Notify Us That Shipment Is On Its Way

Send an email message to to confirm the shipment has taken place.

Receive Payment

When 2nd Markets receives your shipment, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Shortly thereafter (usually the same day, not more than 2 business days), we will notify you via email that shipment has been received and payment will be made. This offer will always be a confirmation of the original offer sent to you, unless a mistake has been made by you when describing what you had. NOTE: in the rare event of an economic collapse or world calamity, we reserve the right to cancel offers and return your items to you at our cost.

How Will You Be Paid?


We can make payment to you via any of the following:
Company Check